SportPump™ Compression Therapy for Athletes

Want to get a training edge
on everyone else ?

A big part of optimal performance comes from HOW FAST YOU RECOVER from a workout!

Use Sport Pump’s UNIQUE sequential full leg compression sleeves to recover FASTER!

How does SEQUENTIAL compression work?

Using our patented tube technology, the compression starts in your toes and works its way up to your legs via 4 separate chambers

The effect is all the aching, soreness, and swelling gets PUSHED back to your heart.

It’s like squeezing a tube of toothpaste from the bottom, not from the middle!

You recover faster and more completely so you can train longer and with less soreness!

Feel the ‘AHHHH’ of sequential compression!

How to Order?

The most common way to order a Sport Pump system for activity recovery is a compressor unit, along with a PAIR of full-length sleeves.

Single leg full-length sleeves are also available. Please note that full-length sleeves DO NOT come with cold gel packs