SportPump™ Compression Therapy for Athletes


Attention Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Professionals!

A must have

SportPump is quickly becoming a common treatment in physical therapy to treat a wide range of ailments and help in post-surgery recovery. We partner with physical therapy facilities to outfit their studios with all they need to treat their patients with compression therapy or cryo-compression therapy.

Tremendous Value

As a highly effective treatment for the recovery from injury and fatigue, SportPump is an invaluable product. But even so, we offer tremendous deals like: Free trials, free shipping and significant discounts for bulk orders.

A Boon to Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Facilities

The SportPump recovery pump and sleeves have proven their worth to PT professionals and their patients. Our unique system which combines cold with gradient sequential compression therapy, allows physical therapists to provide their patients with a post-session treatment to reduce swelling, flush metabolic waste and soothe soreness. And with our top-quality, cryo-gel inserts, PTs love the ice-free, no mess method for offering the full benefits of R.I.C.E. therapy.

A Money Maker

SportPump is a fully recognized, FDA approved treatment for patient rehabilitation and is fully covered by most medical insurance. Facilities regularly charge extra for this added therapy which means SportPump is a great source of extra revenue in addition to its proven therapeutic benefits.

A Money Saver

SportPump is already the best value on the market, but we offer professionals deep discounts and special bulk pricing. Contact us for more information at (302) 202-3155.