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Wow! When a friend told me about this I was skeptical, but once I slipped on the SportPump leg sleeves and felt them go to work, I was hooked. SportPump has become a vital part of my training regiment. I highly recommend them to any serious athlete looking for an edge.
Ben Hoffman
Champion Triathlete
I love it because I had great success with patients who had joint replacements, tendon injuries or shoulder impingement issues. It’s easy and efficient, doesn’t require constant water or ice refill as other compression pumps do. Other advantage is that we can adjust the compression pressure.
Heena P.
The Sport Pump is very versatile in patient care. It is a great post-op edition to treatment plans for knee, shoulder, and ankle orthopedic/acute injuries. I have had multiple patients inquire about a home set-up of sport pump because they enjoy the compression, and feel better with this treatment. It is efficient, easy to set up and use, and appropriate for all body types/patients.
Nicolette M.
Sport pump is a great addition to the care of my patients. It has a quick setup and it allows me to decrease pain/swelling in their ankles, knee, and shoulder. My patients also give good feedback on the comfort and benefit of the sport pump.
Sean T.
As an orthopedic physical therapist in practice for more than 31 years, I have seen a considerable number of treatment modality devices. I am typically skeptical of most, as many of them are often in response to the latest “flavor of the day” in the medical rehabilitation world.

I cannot say this of the Sport Pump. Without fail, this is the most effective device I have ever used for control of pain and swelling, particularly post-operatively. The device is so easy to use, and the simplicity of design makes for rapid set up for any application: shoulder, knee, ankle, etc.

Patients resoundingly praise the Sport Pump not only for effectiveness, but for comfort and symptom relief. Many patients begin their encounter with me by asking “Am I going to get that pump today?”.

I cannot think of a better endorsement of this product!
John Bradley, PT
Vice President/COO
We use this in our physical therapy clinic and Medically Oriented Gym. Our patients love it- we have the full lower extremity sleeve and use it on ankle and knee patients. Our members also use it for post-exercise muscle recovery and they LOVE it. They get to relax and wind down. Highly recommend.
Trilogy, PT and the MOG
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