SportPump™ Compression Therapy for Athletes

about SportPump Compression Therapy Products

A Leader in Compression Therapy Products
SportPump’s parent company, Spectrum Healthcare, Inc. has earned its reputation as a trusted provider of compression therapy products to clinics, hospitals, and patients. Our staff, with over 20 years of experience, is comprised of professionals who know compression products inside and out, and stand ready to help clients choose the right compression system for the treatment of serious circulatory disorders and, now, for pain and swelling from athletic training.

For a full line of compression therapy products, including compression systems, compression pumps, and compression wraps, specifically for the treatment of lymphedema, venous insufficiency or peripheral artery disease PAD, go to our medical products website: Learn More at
The Only Product on the Market with Exclusive Technology from BioCompression Systems
SportPump™ pumps, sleeves, and inserts are manufactured by the industry leader in compression technology for over 25 years, Bio Compression Systems Inc. SportPump has been chosen as the exclusive distributor for Bio Compression in this field and is proud to serve our athletes with the best quality products made in the United States.