SportPump™ Compression Therapy for Athletes

The #1 choice of PTs and Chiropractors!

10 Reasons why your patients will LOVE Sport Pump!

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Gradient Sequential Compression

The only commercial grade vasopneumatic compression device which provides four chamber gradient sequential compression (instead of only one chamber compression) which is more effective in edema reduction and is often a reimbursement requirement for payors to reimburse for CPT code 97016.

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Affordable, Unbeatable Value

SportPump packs the biggest bang for your buck – it’s the only full featured cryo-compression system at prices hundreds lower than the competition.

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Lightweight, Portable

Only slightly larger than a shoebox, SportPump packs tremendous compression power into a perfectly manageable and portable package. And weighing only 6 lbs, SportPump is designed to be transported and easily plugs into a standard outlet or car adapter.

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Quick and Easy to Use

Simply plug and push–plug it in, set the meter, snap in the hoses and you’re ready to go. The cryo-gel inserts are designed to be easily removed, so you can conveniently place them in the freezer to cool and secure back into place when ready.

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A Name You Can Trust

BioCompression, the manufacturer of SportPump, has been in business for over 35 years, providing unsurpassed quality and customer service

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Proven Effective

4-chamber gradient sequential compression has been the standard, medically approved, doctor-prescribed remedy for serious muscular and circulatory problems for over 30 years. Now available without prescription, this highly effective, soothing massage treatment is a must for anyone with muscle soreness, weakness or fatigue.

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SportPump Does Double-Duty

SportPump is the only pump which can treat two patients simultaneously but at different times; meaning two patient can be treated with the same pump but at different times; unlike the other devices which require both patients to be treated at the exact same time.

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The Industry’s Best Warranty

The SportPump vasopneumatic pump is such high quality and durable, it comes with our industry’s only full 3-year warranty. Even our sleeves carry a full 1 year warranty. No one else even comes close.

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Heavy-Duty, Built-to-Last

Our sturdy SportPump vasopneumatic pump and double stitched two-ply vinyl sleeves are manufactured in the USA by the industry’s most trusted name, Bio-Compression Systems.

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Versatile – Operates With or Without Cold

Unlike the other vasopneumatic pumps, SportPump can provide gradient sequential compression with or without cold for those patients who need compression but are intolerant to cold.


Most providers get a ‘package’ that consists of a compressor pump, as well as a shoulder sleeve, a knee sleeve, and a foot/ankle sleeve

Each sleeve comes with its own cold gel pack and fits both left and right sides. You can always ‘mix and match’ sleeves, according to your individual practice needs

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