Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons SportPump is the best Vasopneumatic Compression Device on the Market

The reviews are in and SportPump is the preferred choice for outpatient rehabilitation clinics.

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Gradient Sequential Compression
The only commercial grade vasopneumatic compression device which provides four chamber gradient sequential compression (instead of only one chamber compression) which is more effective in edema reduction and is often a reimbursement requirement for payors to reimburse for CPT code 97016.

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Affordable, Unbeatable Value
SportPump packs the biggest bang for your buck – it’s the only full featured cryo-compression system at prices hundreds lower than the competition.

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Lightweight, Portable
Only slightly larger than a shoebox, SportPump packs tremendous compression power into a perfectly manageable and portable package. And weighing only 6 lbs, SportPump is designed to be transported and easily plugs into a standard outlet or car adapter.

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Quick and Easy to Use
Simply plug and push–plug it in, set the meter, snap in the hoses and you’re ready to go. The cryo-gel inserts are designed to be easily removed, so you can conveniently place them in the freezer to cool and secure back into place when ready.

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A Name You Can Trust
BioCompression, the manufacturer of SportPump, has been in business for over 35 years, providing unsurpassed quality and customer service.

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Proven Effective
4-chamber gradient sequential compression has been the standard, medically approved, doctor-prescribed remedy for serious muscular and circulatory problems for over 30 years. Now available without prescription, this highly effective, soothing massage treatment is a must for anyone with muscle soreness, weakness or fatigue.

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SportPump Does Double-Duty
SportPump is the only pump which can treat two patients simultaneously but at different times; meaning two patient can be treated with the same pump but at different times; unlike the other devices which require both patients to be treated at the exact same time.

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The Industry’s Best Warranty
The SportPump vasopneumatic pump is such high quality and durable, it comes with our industry’s only full 3-year warranty. Even our sleeves carry a full 1 year warranty. No one else even comes close.

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Heavy-Duty, Built-to-Last
Our sturdy SportPump vasopneumatic pump and double stitched two-ply vinyl sleeves are manufactured in the USA by the industry’s most trusted name, Bio-Compression Systems.

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Versatile – Operates With or Without Cold
Unlike the other vasopneumatic pumps, SportPump can provide gradient sequential compression with or without cold for those patients who need compression but are intolerant to cold.

SportPump compression recovery just makes sense
The SportPump recovery systems use compression sleeves in conjunction with a recovery pump to apply regulated pressure to muscles, tendons, ligaments and the circulatory system of through the arms and legs. This Bio Compression system massages in a specific pattern (gradient-sequential) to speed the natural recovery process. In less than 1 hour, patients and athletes alike have felt the full benefit of circulatory and muscle recovery that would typically take a full 12 to 24 hours.

Our fully FDA-approved sports recovery systems provide medically proven results to relieve swelling, soreness and fatigue. More importantly, they also quickly and efficiently remove metabolic waste like lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other similar waste products that build up in muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as veins and arteries during exertion.

Our vasopneumatic recovery pump and the compression sleeves made for the arms and legs are far more effective for fast recovery of muscles than the best massage. Our cryo-gel inserts add the power of cold therapy that works in conjunction with the compression to give athletes and patients the full R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) treatment. SportPump sports recovery systems can be used at home or even on the road before or immediately following an event, so location is never a problem.The SportPump vasopneumatic recovery pump is highly efficient, easily adjustable, and portable so that you can get the muscle rejuvenation effects via two sleeves simultaneously for either arms or legs.

More and more of the world’s top athletes are using SportPump sports recovery systems to provide the muscle and circulatory recovery they need to compete at peak physical efficiency. As a leader in the compression therapy industry, SportPump provides a full line of sports recovery pump products.

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